The European Street Staff

European Street is one big family. Like all functioning families, we love each other, support each other, and occasionally are disappointed by each other. In good times and bad, we work with each other as a team to provide you with exceptional service and food.

Robyn - Beach near University

"European Street is still a staple in Jacksonville because of the family atmosphere. I can remember going to Regency Mall with my mom and always going to E St for beer cheese and pretzels. When I began working here nine years ago, I did not expect such a family environment. I love it! When I come into work, I have a feeling of joy. I really do consider this my second family. Megan and I always say, “E Street for life!” And I do feel that way,  E Street will always be more than just a job or work. It is really in my heart."

Randy - San Marco

"European Street exists as a family business, serving the public as a top of the line, full-service, sandwich restaurant. I work at E Street because like most employees at E Street, I’ve been treated in such a way that I actually feel like an extended family member."

Megan - Beach near University

"I believe European Street started by a family dream and desire to work hard and to be able to provide for the generations after basically to create a family legacy. I work here because I love the companionship that I’ve had over the years. I love the compassion and tolerance the owners show and the ability to give people second chances."

Erin - Riverside

"European Street has become and continues to be a growing success due to the hard work and dedication of the family behind it and the employees that believe in it. My gratitude for this company grows on a daily basis. I work here because I genuinely love it. This is a highly respected company that I am proud to show up at every day."

Jason - Jax Beach

"European Street Cafe exists because of hard work and risk taking. Small businesses are important because they are providers of diversity in products and provide jobs for citizens. In an age where large corporations seem to be the way of the future, seeing businesses spring forward because of hard work and providing for the needs of the community is a good thing."